360° HDRIs

360° HDRIs (known as High Dynamic Range Images, or “domes”) are spherical images that are used for CGI rendering, and also as virtual environments. Our 360° HDRIs are praised as being some of the highest standard in the industry; we pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of our collection.

CGI Rendering

360° HDRIs are applied to CG data to create realistic lighting and reflections. When combined with our matching backplates, you can easily build the perfect CGI solution for your project or campaign.

Our highly skilled team of photographers are experts at capturing domes, with the objective of making your workflow as cohesive as possible. Every effort is made to achieve the ideal position for each dome, and in some instances there are multiple 360° HDRIs available for a single location.

Dynamic Range

To create a high quality 360° HDRIs  you need to not only understand what makes for a good scene creatively, but to also have a technical understanding of the science behind it.

Our 360° HDRIs, processed as unclipped 32-bit images, capture the full dynamic range of the light and shadows available in a location (for a typical outdoor scene in full sunlight this is around 24 EVs). This is fundamental in ensuring your 3D model or CAD data will look photorealistic when rendered, as anything less (clipped domes) will result in incorrect renders that appear flat.


We can colour balance domes, remove unwanted artefacts, or even add motion blur to match the dome with a tracking shot. So let us know if you need your HDRI adjusted to your bespoke specifications.

360° HDRIs


Many of our domes are now available in resolutions in excess of 400 million pixels. This is far in excess of most current requirements, so we are confident that our 360° HDRIs will continue to excel for years to come.

As standard our 360° HDRIs are supplied as OpenEXR (.exr) 32-bit files. In our experience this format achieves the best results in terms of quality and file size, and it’s the standard with all widely used renders (Autodesk VRED, 3ds Max, Cinema 4d, Keyshot, V-Ray, Modo, Maxwell, Blender, and more).

If you need a different format (for example .hdr or .tiff) then let us know your requirements, and we’ll provide you with an alternative download.

360° VR Environments

As the fidelity and resolution of Domeble’s 360° HDRIs  is so high, they are perfect for use in Virtual Reality situations. Find out more here.