About Us

Domeble is a premium Rights Managed stock library for photographic backplates, 360° HDRI domes and VR environments, tailored towards the automotive and product visualisation sectors.

As experts in CGI, 3D and VR production, and with an emphasis on the evolving requirements of visual communication, we support advertising agencies, manufacturers, creative production studios, and artists in producing creative and technical solutions that showcase leading brands and products.

Our professional quality imagery is captured and curated to make building beautiful campaigns enjoyable and easy. From early stage visualisation to global billboard campaigns to immersive tech, our specialist imagery is utilised at the forefront of innovation.


Founded by Carl Lyttle in 2017.

Carl is one of the world’s leading automotive image-makers, and early adopter of  the use of CGI within his industry. With his proficiency in creating and developing 360° HDRIs, he established the first CG ready photographic library of its kind in 2007.

Now he leads his specialist team at Domeble with an astute focus on future technologies and the exploration of VR and mixed realities.