How to continue creating ultimate campaigns now the advertising world is changing.

By Carl Lyttle | 7th May 2020

Advertising campaigns using still images have always traditionally followed a route of 4 – 8 images, all creatively crafted to maintain a look and feel that is a constant or a visual signature that defines the identity of the campaign.

In the old world, when budgets grew on a money tree and when shooting physical large production projects was possible, we used to travel all around the globe looking for the best light and the perfect location with a team of skilled individuals, from assistants and producers through to art directors and agency teams. That all seems a million miles away from these current times, now we are all confined to our houses. On top of that, moving forward, budgets will be massively reduced and the idea of travelling to locations to shoot will be considered a luxury.


However, this won’t stop clients’ requirements and the need for creative content to promote their products and attract consumers’ attention. But agencies and manufacturers alike will now need to look for viable alternatives to create their campaigns. Advertising campaigns will still need to have a distinctive and consistent look and feel. The consistent look and feel is the key here to retaining the brand signature of a campaign, and the ability to still convey the creative message and the client’s expectations.

So how can the industry make this happen? The answer, we believe is to use ultra high quality, well-crafted stock assets that provide not only the creative requirements of great imagery but also provide retouchers and CGI artists with the best technical foundation possible to create the great look and feel of a campaign from the ground up. These, of course, are the foundation blocks needed by the post-production process. Without the highest image quality (and in the case of CGI renders) the best 360° HDRIs, then it becomes an uphill struggle to create and deliver the campaign consistency expected. Using assets as we have at Domeble, solves this problem immediately.

At Domeble, quality is our mantra, and we are proud that our collection is the ‘go-to’ asset solution for many agencies. Our consistent approach and quality output means that the post-production process is always built on solid foundations, and the intention of any creative campaign brief can be more than fully realised.

There is an even greater benefit for using the stock route, particularly now that budgets and production timelines are being completely overhauled; namely that by using stock as a solution to replace physical shoots and on set productions, there are massive savings to be made. We have done a lot of research on cost analytics for a lot of our clients, comparing physical production and photographer costs in producing imagery, to an equivalent set of pre-shot images licensed to provide the same media coverage. The results are simply staggering. Our cost comparison research has shown that by licensing images instead of shooting and producing images, there is a saving of between 60% and 75%.


An additional bonus to these savings is the huge amount of time reclaimed on a production timeline. Not only in reducing the time and budget on procuring the creative assets, but also with further savings made by reducing the project timelines. This ultimately gets the campaign into the public domain much quicker, which in turn makes for happy clients because it’s a win-win, saving money and time.

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