Introducing Scenebox 360 by Domeble

By Tania Vaswani | 30th July 2020

Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein. Creativity has always been at the forefront for us at Domeble. To encourage talented and passionate artists worldwide, we present to you Scenebox 360. Scenebox 360 is a dedicated platform curated by Domeble to explore your artistry.

This collection offers a huge variety of professionally shot imagery from our Domeble team, that provides as always the highest quality 360° HDRIs available anywhere, with a huge dynamic range up to 30 stops providing maximum scene information that will get the best out of your renders, matched to amazing hi-res backplates.With decades of industry experience, we at Domeble understand the importance of high quality and realistic CG imagery.

By launching Scenebox 360, we want to give freelancers, 3D enthusiasts and aspiring CGI students a chance to work with professionally shot images to enhance their learning experience, sharpen their skillset and develop a solid portfolio to help them in the long run.All our backplates are shot by automotive photographers who have a keen eye for detail and understand the best positioning of a car within a scene.

Our collections cover an array of themes from vast cityscapes to barren deserts and from dusk to dawn. The intention here is to pre-empt probable requirements and offer a wide range of offerings to our users.We also wanted to ensure a seamless shopping experience for our users and hence have a simplistic interface which is very easy to navigate with quick instant downloads.

Scenebox 360 also provides a wide range of resolutions as per your requirements. Our imagery comes from the highest of native resolutions, and we are providing download options starting from 2k, 4k and 6k . We can even provide you with raw formats and super resolution HDRIs upon request. Sound interesting? Visit our website  or get in touch with us directly on