Motion Tracking

Put the pedal to the metal with our dynamic and impactful tracking shots.

We’ve got loads of backplates with in-camera motion readily available, but if you want something bespoke then we can provide a virtual tracking solution to suit your specifications.

Producing realistic tracking shots in post production isn’t always as easy as it looks. Our team has decades of experience working with traditional car rigs, and that means we understand the effects of speed and real world camera movement, which are both key to creating successful motion blur.

We’ll work with you to produce expertly rigged movement in any of our static images, and we can even blur the 360 HDRI to maintain realistic reflections.

Talk to us about creating tracking shots today. Get in touch.

Our photographers know what it takes to create dynamic imagery that will get you immersed in the action, finding the best angles to meet the creative requirements that this style demands. Check out our collection of readily available real-world tracking shots here.

Ask us about supplying your HDRI 360°image purchases as motion blurred .exr files.