Staying creative as a photographer, whilst stuck at home

By Carl Lyttle | 25th March 2020

Given the current situation, things are changing at a very rapid pace. We anticipate a lot of anxiety, frustration, lowering incomes and instability. But let’s face it we have no choice but to find the best way to utilize our time and make sure we remain creative. As a photographer here are few things you can do while you are stuck at home.

Update your website and Social Media

Photographers are constantly on the move and this aspect of the business tends to get ignored. Now is the time to showcase the best work on your website and spruce up your social media profiles. Organize your content in a way that truly represents your work.

Repurpose your images

Go through all your work and see what you can use to generate income. At Domeble, we believe that talent should be nurtured and rewarded, and that’s why all of our contributors receive high royalty rates and are supported with technical and aesthetic guidance. Don’t let your precious location images collect dust, instead get in touch with us and we might be able to help you.

Work on your skills

A vast array of tutorials is available online. Use this free time to learn new techniques and brush up on existing ones. Another great way of retaining information is sharing. Impart your knowledge and help beginners by conducting virtual classes or Instagram live sessions for beginners.

Declutter your space

As photographers you naturally have a lot of equipment you collect over the years. Take the time to declutter your space and hold on to only what you are actually using. Again, you can help your community by giving away things you aren’t using.

Get Inspired

Spend some time trendspotting. See what your contemporaries have done or are doing and make a list of ideas. This phase is not going to last forever, and you will be out shooting again!

We are all in this together and as a community let’s do the best we can to help each other. It’s important not to lose hope and stay positive.

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Written by Carl Lyttle – Founder at Domeble.