The benefits to photographers of shooting with Domeble.

By Ashley Jouhar | 26th June 2020

When the world shut down a few months ago, it felt like we were part of some kind of Sci-Fi movie that we had all collectively seen once. Everyone obeyed the instructions to stay indoors, stay safe and ultimately save lives. We all watched footage on the news from around the globe showing the parks, shops, restaurants, airports, railway stations, roads and streets of our cities quiet, deserted, empty of life and shut for business.

Fast forward a few months and the lockdown is now being eased in many countries, to the point where we can move around much more freely, taking into account Government guidance on social distancing and the use of face masks, and start to get back to business.

As photographers, it would have been the perfect opportunity under lockdown to capture the world’s empty landscapes and cityscapes from as many angles as possible whilst everywhere was virtually empty.

And the opportunity is still there, as a number of Domeble photographers have been discovering, whilst shooting all round London over the last couple weeks. The summer light is crisp and clear, particularly bouncing off the glass of the buildings – and as ever, is fantastic in the early morning and during the golden hour at the end of the day.

If you have been itching to get back out there and shoot, now is the chance, before the crowds come back for good in our cities. Domeble are looking to work with some new photographers and offer them the benefits of shooting with us. If you’re not familiar with Domeble, we’re a premium picture agency producing high resolution photographic backplates, 360° HDRI domes and VR environments. Our imagery is licensed by ad agencies, manufacturers, car designers, creative production studios and artists around the world.

We were launched in 2017 by a team with over 30 years of car advertising photography and CGI /VR experience, all of which is drawn upon when we collaborate with our photographers. Domeble supports its photographers with market insights and creative guidance, based on sales data and visual trends. We also offer a digital gateway to upload your work and technical support, so you have all the tools to hand to produce the optimum backplates and HDRIs.

In short, Domeble provides a powerful platform for photographers to reach global markets for their work, making it available to be licensed by some of the world’s leading car makers and ad agencies.

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Written by : Ashley Jouhar – COO at Domeble 

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