VR Compatibility information

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Below are details of how to use a variety of headsets, full details can be found here

  • Google Cardboard
  • Daydream
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Oculus
  • HTC
  • PlayStation VR
  • Windows Mixed Reality

Google Cardboard

Works best with Chrome on Android devices.

You can still experience WebVR content in other browsers on Android and iOS, but it might not be as smooth since those browsers don’t fully support WebVR.


Works with Chrome and Firefox Reality on Daydream-ready Android devices.

Samsung Gear VR

Works with Oculus Browser and Samsung Internet.

Oculus Rift

Works with Firefox and Supermediumon Windows.

Oculus Go

Works with Oculus Browser and Firefox Reality.

HTC Vive

Works with Firefox, Servo, and Supermedium on Windows. On macOS, you can use Firefox Nightly.


Works with Firefox Reality.

PlayStation VR

Does not currently support WebVR.

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

WebVR v1.1 is supported by Microsoft Edge on Windows. Firefox and Supermedium are also supported with SteamVR.

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